Domain Name Disputes

Internet Domain Name DisputesDomain name disputes over who has the right to a internet URL can be a major issue for many trademark owners.   Kunkle Law PLC can assist you in asserting and defending your rights in domain name disputes whether filed under the UDRP or the URS systems.

About Domain Name Disputes

When registering for a domain you must agree to certain conditions, including that any disputes regarding who has the right to a domain will be resolved using a third party arbitrator such as the National Arbitration Forum.  The UDRP and URS were both designed as faster and cheaper method of resolving disputes over domain names, rather than relying on the court system.   Under each of these systems parties who believe that their trademark is being used as a domain name can petition an arbitration panel to have the domain stripped from the current holder, and in UDRP cases, transferred to the petitioner.

Whether you are a trademark owner whose marks are being abused, or a domain owner being challenged by another individual or business, I would be happy to speak with you and help you evaluate your options.