Office Actions

What are Office Actions?

Once a federal trademark application is submitted to the USPTO it is assigned to an Examining Attorney who reviews it to make sure the application fulfills all the technical requirements, as well as reviewing the existing registrations to evaluate whether there are any preexisting applications or registrations that the new application would cause confusion with.  In the event the Examining Attorney  rejects the application for any reason, you will have 6 months to respond to the office action. If the Examining Attorney is still not satisfied, he/she will answer in 3-6 months, and there will be another response due, and so on.

Office Actions come in many forms.  Some are for substantive reasons, such a belief there is a likelihood of confusion between your application and an existing registration, or that your mark is merely descriptive of the relevant goods or services.  Alternatively, office actions can be for technical issues related to how the application was prepared or the format of specimen submitted to support the application.

Responding to Office ActionsKen can assist you in the event of these office actions by helping to evaluate the basis of the objection, and constructing a response that addresses the Examining Attorney’s concerns.

  • Pricing:
    • Applications filed by Kunkle Law PLC. – included in fee for initial response. Additional responses may require additional fees.
    • Applications filed by third-parties – Because it is not possible to predict what the Examining Attorney may object to, it is difficult to provide a flat fee for responding to office actions – please contact me at 612-414-3113 if you would like pricing for this.